From all of us at Kelly Club, Welcome to the Team!

We will do our utmost to ensure that you and your family are made to feel comfortable and welcome at every stage of your journey. These Terms and Conditions (T&C’s) set out our commitments to you, and your obligations to us, so that these objectives can be achieved to everyone's satisfaction.

OUR PROMISE: If you are ever dissatisfied with any aspect of our Services and feel that matters have not been fully resolved, please let us know so that we can do everything we can to help make your experience a positive one

By enrolling your child for our Services recorded in the Kelly Club registration form, you indicate that you agree to be bound by all these Terms and Conditions.


1. Our various Kelly Club Services are described at:

2. If you need more information about the Kelly Club Services, please do not hesitate to call or email us at Kelly Club Head Office on 9384 2204 or


1. You confirm that: (a) you are the parent or legal guardian of the registered child, (b) all information provided to Kelly Club regarding yourself, other contacts and the registered child (including medical information, medications, contact persons and persons authorised to collect the child) is accurate and complete in all respects and will be promptly updated by you as and when required.

2. You give permission for the registered child to participate in all Kelly Club program activities included in the services, and on those days, for which the child is registered.

3. You authorise Kelly Club staff and representatives:

  • To consult with the registered child’s School regarding any behavioural or medical management issues in order to provide consistency and enhance the care provided for your child.

  • In the event of an accident or illness, to administer appropriate first aid, and to obtain all necessary medical assistance and treatment for your child, including ambulance transportation, and agree to meet any expense for such medical assistance and treatment.

  • To apply sunscreen to your child, if you do not provide such.

4. You will inform Kelly Club if the registered child has additional needs, a history of challenging behaviours, any medical conditions, or is the subject of a court or other governmental order, by uploading the required documentations to your Kelly Club account and informing the Program Coordinator before the child attends any service activities or programs.

5. Photographs, Videos and Sound Recordings: 

Use in Accordance with Reasonable Expectations. 

Consent for photography, video and sound recordings is included on your enrolment form. You may withdraw your implied consent at any time through your Xplor account, but in such case, Kelly Club may be unable to fully deliver its program to your child.

a. In the course of providing its childcare and educational programs, Kelly Club will normally take photographs, videos and/or sound recordings of the participating children. Kelly Club believes that you would reasonable expect us to use such photographs, videos and/or sound recordings for the following purposes, as they are directly related to and essential in order for Kelly Club to provide you and your children with the full benefits of the Kelly Club childcare and educational programs:

  • Archival records of your child’s participation

  • Reporting to parents and guardians

  • Documenting learning experiences

b. Sharing experiences in your child’s school and within the Kelly Club program through various media (e.g. newsletters, visual displays, emails to families)

c. Development of Kelly Club Professional Educational material for training purposes and internal Kelly Club communications these photographs, videos and sound recordings are not used by Kelly Club for biometric matching or identification and are not provided to any third party. 

Use for additional purposes.  Kelly Club requests your consent to Kelly Club using such photographs, videos and/or sound recordings of your children for the following additional purposes:

  1. Advertising and marketing of the Kelly Club child care and educational programs

  2. Sharing experiences on social media. 

If you provide your consent to such uses, but subsequently wish to revoke it, then it is your responsibility to notify Kelly Club in writing and updating Xplor.


1. It is your responsibility to have the registered child signed into Before School Care, After School Care and/or Holiday Program on the appropriate documentation or systems on arrival and departure each day that they attend, and to notify Kelly Club staff if the child is absent on a day that they are booked to attend the Service. Kelly Club are not responsible for the child before they have signed in or after they have been signed out of the service, by you or your authorised representative. For signing out for before school care, and signing in for after school care, a Kelly Club staff member will be considered an authorised representative. 

2. If the registered child does not meet the Kelly Club policies for standards of behaviour or otherwise demonstrates inappropriate behaviour after guidance procedures have been implemented, Kelly Club reserves the right to suspend the child’s enrolment for a notified period or to exclude the child permanently from the Service. When requested by Kelly Club staff, you will immediately make arrangements to collect the child from the service venue, a child who has been suspended or excluded.

3. You will ensure that the registered child will not attend the Service if they are suffering from an infectious or communicable disease as identified by the Department of Health. Kelly Club staff will not accept a child at the Service if it appears to them that the child is suffering from an infectious or communicable disease or in the opinion of the Kelly Club staff is too unwell to attend the Service. 

4. When requested by Kelly Club staff you will immediately make arrangements to collect from the Service venue a registered child who in the Kelly Club staff opinion is suffering from an infectious or communicable disease or is too unwell to continue participating in the Service. You will not bring the child back to the Service until 24 hours after the illness or disease has passed, or as per the exclusion period listed by the Department of Health, or until you have produced the required medical certificate if one has been requested by Kelly Club staff.

5. If the registered child is subject to suspension or exclusion from the Service or is withdrawn from the Service due to medical reasons, Kelly Club may disclose the child’s name and reasons for the suspension or exclusion to persons in control of the school or institution at which the Service is operated.


1. New families with children with Additional needs, will be required to discuss your child’s attendance with Kelly Club Coordinator before your child can attend. Please contact us on 9384 2204. 

2. Children with additional needs must be booked into a Service more than four weeks in advance to ensure funding and additional staffing needs can be met. Children with additional needs (ISS) not booked within the relevant time period may not be able to use the nominated service.

4. If the registered child has a medical condition, dietary requirement or any other additional need, you are responsible for providing an Action Plan and supporting documentation to Kelly Club, before the child’s attendance at any Kelly Club Services. You must provide your Child’s Medication to the Kelly Club staff if the registered child has a medical Action Plan that requires Medication to be administered. 

5. You will be required to complete a Risk Minimisation plan with the responsible person in charge on your child’s first day, as per government legislation.


1. Kelly Club is not liable for any personal injury, property damage, personal items (such as spectacles, jewellery and electronic devices) or other loss, due to any cause whatsoever, which is sustained by the registered child or their parents or guardian, as a result of participation in a Service activity (including excursions) unless the injury, damage or loss was caused by the proven negligence of Kelly Club, its directors or employee, except as otherwise expressly required by law.

2. You will indemnify Kelly Club (including its directors, officers and employees) against any costs, expenses or liability incurred as a result of any injury to any other child, Kelly Club staff or any other person, or any loss or damage to property, which is caused by the registered child at the Service venue or at an excursion location.


Kelly Club protects your and your children’s personal information in accordance with the Australia Privacy Act 1988. Please refer to our Privacy Policy on our website for more information:

Your Fees and Financial Obligation

Please note the following information regarding payment of your accounts, surcharges and fees.

Daily and Other Fees: Daily fees can be found on the Parent Information Booklets on the Kelly Club venue page at and via your Xplor Accounts. Additional costs associated with incursions or excursions are provided on Kelly Club Flyers.

Terms of Payment

  • Payment is required within 7 days after the end of the week of attendance

  • Information on amounts owing are provided in your Xplor Home application.

  • A statement of your account will be sent to you on the Wednesday of each week.

How to make payments 

Payment is required for your accounts by the due dates.

Kelly Club makes it easy and convenient for you to pay your outstanding balance for your OSHC services in a timely manner through our Debit Success Direct Debit facility.  Payment is required either through Direct Debit bank transfer or Credit Cards (Mastercard and Visa). 

Once you complete your Xplor enrolment you will be taken to Debit Success to set up your payment method.

Auto direct debit payments

  • All payments with Kelly Club are set as a weekly automatic withdrawal on a Thursday. 

  • The payments are for the prior week's attendance.  

  • You can set up your Auto Direct debit via your Xplor Home App 

  • Terms and conditions will need to be agreed to when updating your account information.


Kelly Club uses Debit Success to process our direct debit and credit card payments. The following fees are deducted from your nominated account with every transaction made. 

These fees are directly from Debit Success and are not Kelly Club OSHC Fees.

  • Direct Debit Bank Transfer: $0.88 flat rate (inc GST)

  • Credit Card/ (Visa/Mastercard): 2.354% (Minimum of $0.50 charge) 

  • Default Fee: (Incorrect details, insufficient fund, etc): $19.95

Should you wish to dispute any bank fees, please contact Debit Success on

P: 1800 956 959 

Or you can click here:

OSHC Additional Fees

Additional fees and charges are payable by you in the following situations:

1. Cancellation fee: If you do not follow the Kelly Club cancellation procedures when the registered child is absent on a day that they are booked to attend the service. Cancellations  can be completed via your App, texting your program phone or by email.

  • A cancellation fee applies if a session is not cancelled prior to 24hrs of the booking. 

  • If bookings are made in the AM and are cancelled in the PM of the same day, a cancellation fee will apply. This also applies to booking made in the PM for the AM booking the next day. 

  • Days where there are incursion and excursion will require 3 days notice of cancellation.

  • Extended Session Fees: If a session goes for longer than normal (e.g. on the last day of term) an additional fee will be charged on a pro rata basis.

  • In the event of the registered child experiencing a medical illness preventing attendance, a medical certificate is required.  This must be either provided to the Program Coordinator or sent to before the charge date in order that the session not be charged.

2. Late pickup fee: If your child/ren are collected late after the conclusion of the program you will be charged $1 per minute per Child.

3. Incursion/excursion: Additional fees may apply for excursions/incursions. 

4. If the registered child incurs charges or expenses as a result of medical assistance and treatment provided for your child during the service this will be passed on as an additional fee.

Holiday Program Services - Additional T&C’s

1. Cancelled Programs due to Weather: Holiday programs are subject to cancellation or alteration on short notice in the event of unsuitable weather conditions or other factors which may arise that are beyond Kelly Club control. An alternative venue will be offered, or a full refund of any fees paid for the cancelled Service will be made. Kelly Club will not be liable to make any other payment to you in such an event.

2. Excursions: You give permission for the registered child to leave the premises where the service is normally provided, to participate in external activities as indicated in Service flyers. Please note, excursion authorisation forms will need to be completed before your child can participate in external activities, these are completed on the day at the service.

Consequences for Non-Payment 

Payment is required within 7 days of the week of attendance. If fees are not paid, your account may be suspended, and your bookings cancelled. 

1. Continuous failure to make payments will result in a referral to a debt collection agency, and any associated costs involved with using such agency will be at your expense. Once your account is with the collection agency all communications will be made directly with the agency.

2. Should you continue to use Kelly Club service after your service has been suspended and/or at the collection agency, the school will be notified and the Child/ren will be escorted to the office until you are able to pick up your child/ren. Your Child/ren will not be Kelly Club responsibility. Should you continue to drop off your child/ern, the proper authorities will be contacted to deal with the situation. 

If parents are unable to pay due to unforseen circumstances, they should contact our Accounts Department to discuss payment options.


The parent/guardian agrees to indemnify Kelly Club Australia Pty Ltd against all costs, whether commissions, legal fees or otherwise, incurred by Kelly Club Australia Pty Ltd or their duly Authorised agents relating to the recovery of any monies, goods or services that may be outstanding from time to time pursuant to the terms of this agreement.

Child Care Subsidy

1. The Primary Carer is responsible to ensure all the relevant information is up to date to be eligible to claim the Child Care Subsidy (CCS). If you have any questions relating to your Centrelink benefits or entitlements, you must contact the Department of Human Services – Family Assistance Office on 13 61 50.

2. If you intend on claiming any subsidy for all Kelly Club Services, it is the responsibility of the Primary Carer to supply Kelly Club with correct Names, Customer Reference Number (CRN), Date of Birth (DOB) for both Carer and Child/ern, when filling out the enrollment form. The information must be correct before your child’s attendance at the Service. Until Kelly Club can verify your entitlement to Child Care Subsidy, you are responsible for paying full fees and charges for use of all Services.

3. Once you have placed your bookings with Kelly Club it is your responsibility to confirm and approve a Complying Written Agreement (CWA) via your Xplor Account and your CCS Enrollment via your MyGov Account.

4. Kelly Club Service is a fully approved service for Centrelink purposes and will submit the registered child’s attendances to Centrelink every Friday and applied to your account on Monday/Tuesday.

5. Accordance with CCS can only resubmit attendances up to a maximum of 28 days from your attendance.

6. Additional Child Care Subsidy (ACCS): All Additional Child Care Subsidy is approved by Services Australia. Should you be eligible, all relevant documentation must be provided to the Program Coordinator in order to complete the application for the Additional care Subsidy. 

Payment Questions or Disputes

If you have a question about your charges or CCS, or wish to dispute any charges, please contact your local  Program Coordinator in the first instance as they may be able to resolve your issue.  If your question or dispute is unable to be resolved by the Program Coordinator, they will refer it to the Accounts Department.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

Due to changing government regulations, and our constant enhancement of the services, we may need to amend terms and conditions from time to time. If we do, we will notify you of any amendments, and you shall have the right to cancel your account without charge if you do not accept any such amendments. Cancellation will be effective from the date you notify us.

Kelly Club Contact

Should you have any queries in relation to these Terms and Conditions contact your Program Coordinator or